I'm a dog-loving and Swedish baking-obsessed Upstate New York native with a background in applied ethics and a fascination with technology's positive and negative impacts on society and well-being. I'm currently completing an MS in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech, where I also serve as a Research Assistant on two faculty-led projects at the intersection of technology, education, and ethics. I look forward to making the most out of my final semester in graduate school, and even more so to what will come next.
Researcher and Interaction Designer on a team funded by the Mozilla Responsible Computer Science Challenge that is developing, piloting, and evaluating multiple role-play activities intended to help undergraduates in CS cultivate ethics-inclusive mindsets (Aug '19 - Present).
UX Research Intern at Blackbaud, where I led the effort to redesign and launch a product experience survey program (May '19 - Aug '19).
Qualitative Researcher on a five-year, longitudinal, mixed-methods study funded by the National Science Foundation that is exploring the development of professional social responsibility among undergraduates in engineering and computer science (Sep '18 - Present).
MS Human-Computer Interaction, Georgia Tech (graduating May 2020)
BA Philosophy, Cornell University '17
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