I am a UX Researcher, currently completing an MS in Human-Computer Interaction at Georgia Tech. I am also a dog-loving, Swedish baking-obsessed, oil paint-dabbling Upstate New York native with a degree in Philosophy from Cornell University. My background in applied ethics and my fascination with technology's positive and negative impacts on society and well-being led me to the world of UX. I am thrilled by the limitless potential for technology to solve problems but concerned by the ever-growing evidence of its dark side. Committed to the creation of ethical and accessible technology that improves human life in the long term, I am excited for what lies ahead!
Undergraduate: Ethical Issues in AI, Engineering Ethics, Minds and Machines, Free Will, Positive Psychology, Landscape Architecture, Ethics of Development and Globalization
Graduate: UX Research Methods, Foundations of Human-Computer Interaction, Prototyping Interactive Systems, Technology and Global Development, Visual Design, Education Technology
​​​​​​​emma.logevall@gmail.com   +   www.linkedin.com/in/emmalogevall

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